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    As the next morning came, Fenrir groaned at the light stabbing behind his eyelids. He was quite comfy where he was, combined with the warmth and just how comfy... Whatever it was he was half on top of. He quietly groaned again as the sound of voices were starting to disturb him. Opening one eye, he was surprised to see his parents standing by the door. 'Oh yea... They were coming today..'

    Only vaguely aware of what was happening, Isao grumbled in protest when the warm blanket covering part of his chest started to move. He must have fallen asleep without a blanket, because he was freezing. He curled closer to the source of the heat, letting out a rumbly sigh of content, and ignoring the background noise that his brain was barely registering, and was too tired to pay attention to.

    Mrs. Campbell meanwhile, was taking pictures while whispering to her husband. "So, Duncan. When do you think they'll wake up enough to notice us?" Duncan shrugged. "No idea Aggie."

    Isao's brain slowly drifted towards consciousness, much to his dismay, and he groaned at the prospect of waking up as he turned his head away from the light. He brought a lazy hand up to rub his eyes. He'd always hated waking up, and today was definitely no exception. After a few moments, he finally managed to pry his eyes open, and tried to bring the other arm up to his face but found his motion limited. Accidentally jostling whatever was in his way, he glanced down and grumbled out a confused, croaky, "Fenrir?"

    Letting out an annoyed 'mrr', he turned a narrowed, bleary gaze to him. "Whaa? Wha izz't?" He slurred, moving to rub his face against his left shoulder.

    Aggie couldn't contain the small coo at the sight. This was truly an adorable moment, even if she didn't know the man her half-asleep son was currently trapping.

    Slowly regaining his memories from the night before, he just shook his head. "Nothin'." He grumbled, muffling a yawn with his free fist and stretching slightly. It only then registered to him that there had been another noise in the room. His eyes widened and it took him a second before his gazed nervously snapped to the source. From the similarities in appearance, it was clear the couple standing at the doorway were Fenrir's parents. Panic flooded his chest and without thinking he lurched forward, nearly knocking Fenrir out of bed before scrambling to catch him. The last thing he needed was for Fenrir to get hurt more. No, actually, the last thing he needed was for one of his students parents to get the wrong idea about their relationship. "It's not what it looks like." Was the only thing he managed to choke out.

    Fenrir let out a startled sound somewhere between a shriek and yelp as he suddenly was knocked over. As soon as Isao had a hold of him, the youngest red head shot him glare and swatted at his arm. "Yea, hi, I'm here, and I'd rather not get woken up like that again." 

    Aggie gave a loud laugh at the spectacle, her husband quietly laughing beside her. It truly was amusing to watch the tall man freak out, and Duncan found Fenrir's reaction no less entertaining. Duncan stayed back a pace or two as Aggie strode forward to greet the other man. "Oh, no worries. I didn't think that for a moment. Our little pup would probably rather bite his own foot off before he'd ever deal with the complications and trouble of dating one of his teachers." She paused a moment, eyeing up first the man and then the distinct lack of half of her son's arm on the left side before speaking again, a dangerous tone underlying her words. "That isn't what happened, correct?"

    He glared back at the redhead for swatting him, and then hearing Fenrir's Mother's words, Isao made a choked noise. "No, No Ma'am, that's not what happened." He gave Fenrir an alarmed look this time, before looking back to his Mom and back to him. Help me, he silently begged, giving both of the kids parents a nervous look as he continued to awkwardly sit there with their son in his lap. He hadn't felt this lost in a room full of people in years. It was a little disorienting.

    Fenrir couldn't help but double over slightly in shocked laughter at the current situation. "M-mom, NO, no, that is definitely not what happened." Once he'd calmed himself and purged his mind of any scarring images his mother may have conjured, he elaborated. "Mom, dad, this is the guidance counselor for the school; Isao Hirata. He's here because he's been helping me out with this whole... a-arm thing."

    "It's- Er, nice to meet you." Isao managed a strangled laugh. "I wish it were under better circumstances." He was torn between wanting to stay and comfort Fenrir about the 'arm thing' and feeling the overwhelming need to flee the other two adults curious stares. "I, uh... Must have just dozed off last night." He knew he probably wasn't helping, but he couldn't shut his damn mouth. He managed a slightly shaky smile, though.

    The Campbell adults nodded and gave him a smile, pleased that there son is not, in fact doing anything like that. At the reminder of the missing arm, though, Aggie's gaze became concerned and lingers on her boy. She'd approach, but the teen seemed to be in his own mind space right now, and she wasn't entirely sure how to deal with it. Instead, she looks to Isao. "Agatha Campbell. Behind me is my husband, Duncan. It's nice to meet you as well, and thank you for helping Fenrir." Shooting another glance at said boy, she lowered her voice before continuing. "So, what exactly did happen, that he's like this?"

    Nodding at each of them respectively, Isao then swallowed hard, eyes dropping to the floor. He wasn't sure how to explain all of this, but thought it would be better to wing it than sit here in silence. Clearing his throat, his gaze falling on the boy's parents, Isao began, "Well, Fenrir had entered the woods by the school, to... exercise his quirk? If that sounds right? And someone," He couldn't entirely keep the anger out of his voice. If he ever caught who did it.... "Put out a bear trap. Fenrir was just unlucky enough to stumble into it, quite literally. I heard him from my office and went looking. I'm afraid... Well, the damage was already pretty bad when I got there, I imagine the Doctor talked to you?" He twisted his lips for a moment. "Honestly, with just how much blood loss he'd had, I wasn't sure if he was going to make it. I carried him back to the school, where I called the authorities and met them out front with him." Looking away from them, he murmured, "I do want to make a personal apology though. Had I been faster in finding your son, or perhaps had I gone looking sooner or stopped him from entering the forest in the first place, he might still be in one piece." Isao stared at the tile floor of the hospital room, waiting for a reprimanding of sorts, at the very least.

    Fenrir had gone quiet as Isao retold what happened, crossing his arm across his chest and flinching a bit at both the mention of the trap and the reminder at what he'd resorted to in his panic.

    Aggie just nodded along, her expression a mix of horrified and somber. "We'd been told that there was extensive damage to his arm and it needed to be removed, but.. They never told us any specifics." Shaking her head in slight disbelief, she gave a low sigh. "It's not your fault, Mr. Hirata. The only one responsible was whoever put that trap in a forest that's considered part of school grounds."

    "Thank you for saying that, Ma'am. Now, I'm sure you would like time alone with your son?" He offered a smile, moving to get off the bed. He would probably wait outside and pop back in when Mr. and Mrs. Campbell left. Isao didn't want to intrude on their time with their son though, especially considering he was a strange adult man they'd found in his hospital bed. He cringed inwardly at that thought, and was pretty sure he would never live this down.

    She gave the man a thankful smile. "As much as I'd love to talk with Fen, he..seems be in his own world right now. I'd also like to start working with the police force to try and find the bastard that caused my baby so much pain," she growled the last bit out, teeth ground together in her anger.

    Isao gave an understanding smile and nod. "Of course. I can keep an eye on him until you'd like some time alone with him then. You'll let me know if the police find them?" He gave the couple a hopeful look. He'd like to exchange a few words with whoever set out that trap. Or maybe a few gorilla's fists. He'd have to see.

    She gave the man a fierce nod and smile. "Oh, I never intended to keep you away from the culprit."

    Isao couldn't help but smile at the feisty woman. "I'm glad. Thank you, Ma'am." He gave a grateful bob of his head, settling back down on the bed. Aggie was right, Fenrir seemed deep in thought, so he let him lean against his chest. He'd have to put the boy down when his parents left and go hunt down something to eat. Stress always made him hungry, and after last night he was ready to eat the hospital bed.

    Agatha gave him a wave. "Of course. You seem to care pretty deeply for our son, so I figured you'd want vengeance just as much as us." She turned on her heel, Duncan following quietly as they left to the room to hunt down a police officer to speak with. "Bye, take care you two."

    He let out a breath, plopping his chin on top of Fenrir's head when the couple had left. He was shocked at how little they seemed to care that there was a grown man in their sons bed with him. Maybe they could sense that it wasn't something to be fussed over, and that neither of them had meant any harm. Isao ruffled Fenrir's hair slightly to get his attention, "Hey kid, I'm going to go see if there's food in this building. I'll bring you something up too, is it alright If I call the doctor in to look at you while I'm gone?"

    Startled out of his thoughts at being addressed, his gaze snapped onto Isao. It took a moment to process any words other than food, but he nodded once he had. "Oh, uh, yeah. That's fine. Thanks."

    Nodding, Isao maneuvered himself so he could swing his legs over the side of the bed, before standing, turning, and gently depositing Fenrir back down. He glanced around before locating and pressing the nurse button. They'd probably bring the doctor. "Alright, I'll be right back." He gave the boy a calm smile and short wave before turning and ducking out of the door. His stomach growled, and he started to walk faster. Ugh, Food.

    Watching the man leave and be replaced by the nurses soon enough, the boy couldn't help but fidget a bit. He wasn't exactly comfortable near them, and he despised the thought that they would be poking at his arm and that he'd have to actually see it, but he could see Isao's point. Neither nurses or doctors had been in at all yesterday as far as he knew, and it'd probably be good to let them make sure the wound wasn't infected or anything. With those thoughts in mind, the most protest he gave when they started was a few quite grumblings to himself.

    Entering the hospital's cafeteria, Isao immediately tracked towards the food, picking out four sandwiches, a couple of drinks, and a slice of some sort of chocolatey cake, hoping it would cheer Fenrir up. He couldn't imagine it was going to be pleasant with the doctors in there, and he was already concerned that they might not be doing their job right. After waiting an eternity in line, he paid for the food and started back the way he came, the food spurring his legs to move more quickly. When he got back to Fenrir's room, he moved most of the food to one arm before knocking gently on the door and easing it open. He didn't want to interrupt if the nurses and doctors were still there.

    Perking up at the knock, he shot one of the nurses a pleading look, begging for her to let Isao come back in. The woman gave a defeated sigh at the doctor's agreeing nod, walked over to open the door further, then walked back over. Fenrir gave a tiny, yet smug smile, pleased the doctor had agreed. It was only smart really, as it was beneficial to all: Fen got food, the doctor got him being less fidgety, and Isao got... whatever it was he'd get out of it.

    As the nurse opened the door, Isao stepped inside, Immediately grimacing slightly at the smell of blood and antiseptic. He felt awful when he saw the doctor treating what was left of Fenrir's arm. Deciding not to stare, he thanked the nurse and moved to sit unobtrusively beside the bed. He made sure he was far enough away not to be in the way but close enough that he could ask Fenrir, "How's it feeling, wolf-boy?" He piled the food on the little side table next to his chair - it was a little cruel to leave it so clearly in the boy's sight, but Isao thought it was a good distraction, so he left it where it was, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back in his chair.

    His attention was mostly on the food. He never ate anything yesterday and he wasn't entirely sure anymore when the last time he ate actually was- lunch? Dinner? He didn't know. He turned his attention away long enough to answer the question, though. "Fine. Kind of numb, still feels like the rest of it's still there, but fine."

    Giving the student a sympathetic smile, he nodded. "At least your not in pain." It was the only think he could think to say, but Fenrir didn't seem as upset by his arm today as he was last night, so he hoped that it would only get better from here. He glanced at the doctor, "How long will he need to be here?" The kid was not only missing school, but he couldn't imagine being trapped in a little room like this was great for someone's mental state.

    After a few more moments of prodding and examining it, the doctor straightened and turned to Isao. "Normally, I'd say he should stay here for a minimum of five days, to make sure all goes well with the recovery from the surgery. However, knowing what school the two of you belong to, if the nurse there is good enough I may be willing to release him after another day or two."

    Isao nodded in surprise, "It's hard to say, as I haven't met the nurse, but from what I hear he's... capable." He was pretty sure the nurse could do his job well enough, but he'd heard enough shady rumors to be hesitant. Especially in this school. He tilted his head in thought - if Fenrir's arm started to hurt or get infected or anything, it was more likely he'd cart him back to the hospital, just to be safe.

    Not privy to the inner thoughts, the doctor simply nodded. "I believe we should be fine then to release him tomorrow, so long as no complications come up over night." Standing, she nodded at the two. "Have a good day sir. Make sure he doesn't put too much pressure on his left arm." And with that, she left.

    As the doctor and nurses left Isao smirked and sunk further back in his chair, slowly picking up a sandwich and unwrapping the plastic wrap. "I don't suppose your... hungry?" He asked, taking a bite of his sandwich and watching the bed ridden boy with teasing eyes.

    He shot him an annoyed look at that, baring one of his canine's at the man. "Oh c'mon, Isao. I haven't eaten since I don't know when, I'm hungryyyyyyy," he purposely dragged out the 'y', curious as to what kind of reaction he could get through using the power of annoyance.

    Unable to stop himself from laughing at the wolfish boy's display of impatience, he shrugged, taking another bite and saying through a mouthful, "I don't know, kid, you just don't seem to want it bad enough." He waited to gauge his reaction with humor glinting in his eyes. He wasn't going to push this too much farther as he didn't want Fenrir to actually try and get up or anything, but for the moment he was going to thoroughly enjoy teasing him.

    An irritated whine left his throat as his eyes narrowed. "Isao.. c'mon, please. I am not above launching myself across this bed to get the food." Granted, if it came down to it, he probably wouldn't... but, the older didn't need to know that little tidbit. He was just fine being left to believe that the red head would follow through on it.

    Okay, the whine got to Isao. Immediately he felt somewhat guilty, but figured if he showed it then Fenrir would get in the habit of whimpering to get his way. "I guess if I don't want you to injure yourself more than you already have." He gave a mock eye roll before grabbing two sandwiches, a drink, and the cake and setting them on the stand that was right next to the hospital bed. He moved back to his chair and scooted it close to the bed, setting his food in his lap and his drink by the leg of the chair.

    The moment the sweet treasures were in front of him, he tore the wrapper off one sandwich and shoved as much of it as he could into one bite. He knew he was hungry, but... he didn't realize he was this hungry. Deciding to pay no mind to that, he continued on to satisfy his stomach, which had began to make angry noises at him when he paused for a brief moment.

    Isao had to muffle his laughter as he watched the boy stuff his face. He didn't want to offend him, but it was somewhat adorable, watching a tiny one armed kid eat a hospital sandwich like it was a gourmet dinner. He did feel bad though, he probably should have made sure he ate before he fell asleep last night. He decided that when they got back to the school he would make a point of taking him out to a nice restaurant to make up for it. It could be like a father-son bonding experience. Still chuckling, he reached down and grabbed his drink, opening it and taking a gulp.

    Taking a moment to slow after his set speed made him cough, he took a sip of his own drink before finishing off the first sandwich and moving onto the second. "Thanks, for bringing me food by the way."

    "It's the least I could do." Isao replied, watching carefully to make sure the boy didn't choke himself. That was the last thing this kid needed. With his luck, he'd choke, fall over, and somehow give himself a concussion. "Hospital food is never very good though, is it." He muttered darkly, giving the sandwich a glower as he bit into it.

    He shrugged at the comment. He couldn't really deny that.. "No, it's not. However, I'm stuck here for at least one more day, this is the best they've got, and I don't give a damn about taste as long it's edible."

    He bobbed his head in agreement. "Fair enough." Finishing his first sandwich, he started in on the second one, taking sips of his drink between bites and falling into a comfortable silence.

    After finishing the second sandwich and disposing the wrapper wherever he'd thrown the first too, he eyed the dessert that Isao had brought up with him. It was highly tempting, especially since he hadn't had sugar in awhile.. but, no. he wouldn't touch it unless Isao said he could.

    It took Isao awhile to finish his second sandwich, and he chugged the last of his drink before pilling up his garbage on the side table. He'd make a point of throwing it out in a while. Noticing Fenrir watching him patiently, and then the uneaten cake, he raised his eyebrows. "Full?" He motioned to the plastic-wrapped treat. After all the steak the kid had put away only a day or two ago, he'd figured it would take a lot to fill him up, but maybe he was wrong.

    He shook his head. "No, it's not that. Just... waiting." He directed completely unsubtle look at the cake before looking back to Isao. He'd bought it after all, and he didn't feel like getting smacked if he wasn't supposed to touch it or something weird like that. 'Though, I sincerely doubt Isao could hit someone. Except maybe that blond teacher.'

    Confused, Isao didn't miss the coveting look the kid directed at the cake. "Waiting...? For what? You don't have to wait for me if that's what your worried about, I bought it for you. Besides, I'm not usually a dessert kind of guy." He shrugged, and scrunched his nose for a second. He liked desserts that weren't very sweet, and that cake looked like diabetes in a shiny, saran-wrapped cover. Hard pass.

    That there was all he needed. Nodding at the words, he didn't waste much time in getting into the cake. It'd been awhile since he'd had cake, or anything sugary. Now that he thought about it, should he tell Isao why he was waiting like that and that he probably shouldn't have given him this? Nah. He'd find out soon enough, better enjoy the freedom while it lasted.

    Satisfied that Fenrir was finally eating the cake, he propped his heels up on the side of the boy's bed, crossing his ankles. He was content to just sit for awhile, or at least until the student was done eating and wanted to talk again. Rubbing a hand across his forehead, he fished in his jeans for his phone, pulling it out quickly and sending a text to his Mom, like he'd promised he would. She had only been visiting the last couple of days and had gone back home to his Father now. He had to admit he missed her, but at least she was only a phone call away.

    As he finished off the sweet treat, the boy was noticeably more fidgety than he usually was. He'd be picking at the blanket one moment, picking at the bandages around his arm the next, and then toying with the hem of his shirt another. This, this right here, he knew, was why he didn't get sugar often. But, but, but; Isao didn't know that. And because he didn't know that, Fenrir got to splurge himself. The made him a happy boy, evident by the quiet happy noises coming from him as he shifted around in his spot.

    Isao glanced up from his phone, hearing an odd sort of whimpering noise coming from the student. He slowly lowered the device, watching Fenrir fidget. At first he thought maybe his arm was beginning to hurt, before realizing he looked noticeably happy. "Don't pick at your bandages." He warned when the kid tried to. He frowned, the boy just couldn't seem to sit still all of a sudden. Looking at the empty cake wrapping, a sinking feeling settled in his stomach. Oh boy.

    He dully noted the warning, switching to tugging at loose threads on the blanket instead. "Okay! I won't, I definitely won't do that." 'While you're looking..' Even though he knew Isao probably wouldn't take his eyes off him- 'Ooo! What just passed the window?' Abandoning his current post, he quickly rolled himself across the bed to be closer to the window to look outside of it.

    He lurched forward slightly, up out of his chair and leaning forward when Fenrir rolled himself. He really didn't need this kid to roll of the bed. "Er... Fen? How much sugar are you normally allowed to have?" He asked slowly, like he was speaking to a caged animal. He should have just bought him a cookie or a pudding or something...

    Turning his head back towards Isao, he took a short moment to think before shrugging, a laugh bubbling up from him. "None!"

    Isao slowly sunk down in his chair, a horror stricken look on his face. What had he done? "I uh... I think maybe you should sleep this off, kid." He tugged lightly on the blankets, trying to roll the boy the other way so he wouldn't fall off the edge of the cot.

    In too good of a mood to put up a fight at being moved, he let himself get rolled the other direction. Sleep he'd fight with though. He had too much energy right now, he didn't want to sleep just yet. "Hmmm, no. I don't think I will sleep right now."

    Chuffing, Isao shook his head. "Alright then, what do you think you're going to do?" He asked sternly. If this kid thought he was going to get out of bed, he was dead wrong. If he had to hold him down until the sugar rush calmed down he would do it.

    He opened his mouth to respond before freezing. He.. he hadn't thought of that. What would he do? Isao probably wouldn't let him get up, he didn't seem to be allowed near the window right now, and all the food had been eaten... what to do then? "I... I don't know, but it's not sleep!"

    Isao scooted his chair a little closer, sighing. "Okay, not sleep. What do your parents do with you when your like this?" He looked at the boy curiously, trying to decide what action to take to bring his sugar levels down. "Maybe you should drink a glass of water." He offered, standing. The nurses usually left a jug of water in hospital rooms, right?

    "I mean, usually they just leave me outside to burn the energy off. Though I used to just get into fights to burn it off, but that didn't work very well. That just hurt and didn't burn any of the energy off." Taking a moment to actually breath, his eyes followed Isao. "Yea water could be nice. I like water."

    Finally locating the jug of water, Isao grabbed one of the paper cups and filled it with cool water. "Unfortunately, I can't leave you outside right now, so we're just going to have to think of another way to burn off all your energy." He stared at the boy for a moment, trying to think of a few options. Sighing in defeat, he walked back to the bed and handed the kid his water. "Other than exercise, what tires you out, kid?"

    Taking a few idle sips while he thought, he shrugged after a moment. "I dunno. What tires other people out? I dunno man."

    Chuckling at his response, Isao muttered, "Well, you already seem less... fidgety. Maybe that cake wasn't as sugary as I thought it was." He studied the boy and frowned. "You do look a little pale, though, I really hope I didn't make you sick somehow. I probably shouldn't have brought you dessert..." Getting a little nervous now, Isao glanced at the red button by the bed. "Maybe I should call a nurse, just to check." It was probably unnecessary - they had just been in here, after all - but Isao hadn't ever taken care of a sick person before. How quickly did changes happen?

    Fenrir just raised his hand to poke at his own face and his stomach. "I don't feel sick. I'm always pale. I think. Am I?" He shrugged it off before registering what exactly the man had just proposed. "Ah, heh, nope. No nurses needed here, totally unnecessary, please don't call them back. I don't want to deal with them again today."

    Sighing, he nodded. "Alright, no nurses, but you tell me if you feel even a little off, okay?" He asked, a warning tone in his voice as he sat back down next to the bed. "How are you feeling, anyways? I don't just mean physically... This has all got to take a toll on your mind too, I can't imagine how stressful and scary it all is." He gave the boy an understanding smile.

    "Okay, got it, will do." The small smile that head been on his face dissolved at the question. The man wasn't wrong. Even though he'd accepted the idea, even though he knew it was undoubtedly real, Fenrir was scared shitless deeper inside. He was terrified by the fact that he'd have to give up and relearn things that used to be second nature, and he especially hated that this just made things harder. He didn't want to think about those things right now though. Right now, he wanted to just ride out the sugar rush while it lasted, because at least his jumbled thoughts were more manageable than the dark ones. "I'm not fine, but can we not talk about that right now? I just want to be happy for a bit longer Isao."

    Isao's smile faltered at the boy's answer, and his heart constricted in his chest. He couldn't imagine the thoughts going on in his head, and perhaps it had been too soon to ask that question. Placing a fatherly hand on top of the boy's head, he nodded. "Of course, kid. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up." Letting his hand fall to the bed, he tried to think of something to say to improve the situation. "What's the first thing your going to do when you get back to school?" He asked, trying to change the subject. Maybe he could get him talking about something that made him happy.

    Taking the subject change for what it was, Fenrir had to think a moment. That... that was a very good question. "I'd like to say that I'm going to waltz right in a say yo, but in reality I'm probably going to hide somewhere for a little bit." He was about to let that particular question when another though hit him. "Oh! Or i could actually commence the first gathering of my club. They should really know about this, considering how often our task has them in the forest.."

    Frowning, Isao nodded. "Yes, I don't think it's a good idea for all of you to be out there right now. Maybe we can organize some people to search the forest, clear out any more dangers." He rubbed his face with his hand, thinking. "This really can't happen again." He said quietly. If another one of his kids got hurt like this, he wasn't sure he could handle it.

    "Mmm." He hated the thought of someone else getting caught in a trap just as much as Isao, if not more. It was extremely painful, and that bear trap had been large, enough so that it had successfully caught him in his shifted state. If they caused this to a giant wolf... he didn't want to think what it'd do to something as small as a human. Shuddering at the thought process he turned to the other, mood somber and sugar rush sufficiently gone at this point. "No, it can't. Just with how big the bear trap was, to be able to trap my wolf state as well as it did... I really don't want to see what would happen to a human body caught in one."

    Shuddering at the mere thought, Isao shook his head. "We'll think of something." He nudged the boy's leg with his elbow. "But we're meant to be happy now. C'mon, stumpy, why don't you tell me about your favorite foods or something." He flashed him a cheesy grin, hoping the student would find the nickname funny and not offensive.

    He gave an unpleasantly loud snort at the nickname. "Stumpy? Is that really the best you can do?" He shook his head with a slight before carrying on. "I just generally like meat. Though, I do favor chicken the most, I suppose.."

    He raised his eyebrow. "Chicken, huh? Gotta say, I pictured you as a red meat kind of guy, Wolf-Boy." He leaned back in his chair, glad for the lighter mood. "What about school, what's your favorite subject?"

    "Red meat's nice, but chicken comes with bones." That was good enough for him. The new question stumped him. Did he even have a favorite subject? "Hmm. I don't think I have one. Unless you count before and after school, or lunch."

    A chuckle rumbled out of Isao. "Lunch, huh? Somehow that doesn't surprise me." Trying to think of other questions, he crossed his ankles, sticking his feet under the hospital cot. A sly grin spread across his face as an idea crossed his mind. "So, is there a special girl at school?" He waited for the boy's telltale blush. He had to admit it was fun to tease him.

    He produced a strangled noise, hiding his reddening face in his left should so that he could give a semi rude gesture towards the man with his hand. "Nooooo. I have no interest in anyone like that, this is the second time Isao. Why are you like this?"

    Isao started laughing immediately, doubling over and burying his face in his hands as his shoulders shook. He had no idea why he was like this, but it was funny as hell to see the boy's reaction. This definitely wouldn't be the last time he brought it up, though.

    As the supposed mature one in the room started laughing, Fenrir groaned and buried his face as deep into his shoulder as he could reach. 'Whyyyyyy?' He had done nothing wrong, he didn't deserve this. Giving a loud huff, he suddenly shot up. "Oh yeah, and what about you Mr. Teacher? There someone that you secretly like?"

    His laughter cut off immediately, and heat flooded his face as his head snapped up and he scrambled for something to say. "I-I- No! I don't- Who would I even-" Making a choked sound, Isao snagged one of the pillows Fenrir wasn't laying on and smacked it lightly into his head. "Shut up, kid." He managed to grumble out. His cheeks were still hot and he desperately wanted to change the subject.

    Fenrir let out a triumphant laugh, ignoring the assault via pillow. "Not so funny when it's you under fire, yea?" His laughter died down into snickers as he flopped backwards on the bed, just staring up at the ceiling as he let silence wash over the room.

    Isao made a face at the boy as he dropped back on the bed, but leaned back in his chair. When Fenrir didn't say anything more, he figured the student must be tired. He kept his eyes open, taking the boy's lead and staring at the white paint on the ceiling. He let himself wander into his thoughts for awhile. If the boy fell asleep he'd run and do a few errands, if he chose to speak again Isao was always listening.

    While he wouldn't mind sleeping until tomorrow, when he could finally leave, he had to get a certain thought off his mind first. "Hey... Isao.." He took a few moments to organize what he wanted to say before continuing. "You, uh, wouldn't mind to much if just kind of... stuck around your office more at school, would you?"

    He raised his head when the boy said his name, and gave a small, fond smile when he asked his question. "Course, kid. My door is always open." He paused, cleared his throat, and then added, "If... If you want I'll have another key made, that way you can go there if you ever need to get away from it all, even if I'm not in." He didn't think anyone would pick on Fenrir because of his arm, but he knew it would be embarrassing for a little while, and he was sure the questions would get overwhelming. Plus, he thought he could get used to having the little redhead's company around.

    He gave a pleased hum at that, small smile on his face though his stayed on the ceiling. "Thanks. That.. that'd be nice, actually. Can never have too many places to hide away from it all, right?"

    "Right." Isao chuckled, letting out a contented noise. It was basically the perfect temperature in here, and he was in good company. He knew things were going to be stressful the next couple of days, getting Fenrir back into school and what not, so he chose to enjoy the moment while it lasted. He would worry later, for now he was going to enjoy being around one of his kids.

    Letting out a quiet yawn, Fenrir flipped onto his left side, curling into himself. "I'm going to sleep. Wake me up when it's tomorrow and I can actually leave." He let another quiet yawn before tucking his head between his shoulder and arm.

    Isao nodded, "Sure, kid." Before grimacing slightly. He wasn't looking forward to another night in this damned chair, but there was no way he was going to leave Fenrir here alone. Leaning back and propping up his legs where they wouldn't be in Fenrir's way, he then closed his eyes. "Sleep well."


    The groan that came from the boy turned into a startled yelp as turned to roll, going straight off the bed. He hadn't realized he'd been that close to the edge last night... oh well. Stretching, he stood and climbed back onto the bed, bu not before nudging Isao's foot with his own. "Oi, wake up."

    A low growl came from the drowsy man's chest. He hated waking up, it sucked ass. But he especially hated being woken up. Turning his face into his shoulder he muttered a few less then friendly words and tried to drift back off. His back and butt hurt and his arms were in uncomfortable positions, but he refused to acknowledge anything other than the fact that he was still tired.

    Frowning, Fenrir reached over to lightly prod at him. "Heeey. If I need to be awake, you should too." Granted he understood the reluctance to wake up, seeing as how just yesterday he was in a bit of a similar position, but still. Today was a good day, so Isao needed to wake up now.

    Isao grumbled as he felt someone poke him. His eyes opened into slits and he glowered at the boy before reality slowly filtered through his brain. Groaning, he rubbed his hands across his face, trying to get the grit out of his eyes. "Fuck, I am never sleeping in a hospital chair again. My ass hurts." He whined through his palms. He sat up stiffly, "What time is it?"

    He snickered at that. "You do know you could have always moved onto the bed. I take up like, no space." He shrugged as he turned to face the window. "No idea what the exact time is, but I know it's morning."

    Isao shrugged, and yawned as he stood. In all honesty he probably should have just moved onto the bed, but he hadn't wanted to make the kid uncomfortable, even if they had slept in the same bed the night before. "Do you want breakfast first, or do you want to get the doctor in here?" He asked as he stretched out his stiff muscles.

    "Honestly? The sooner I can leave, the happier I'll be. I'm pretty sure you being here is the only reason I haven't gone stir crazy," he huffed, arm folded over his chest. Food could wait, escape from the hospital always came first.

    Nodding, Isao trudged over and pressed the nurse button, before shifting uncomfortably. "I'm gonna run and find a restroom, I don't think either of us took a leak once yesterday." He grimaced in discomfort before heading towards the door, turning at the door frame, "You gonna be alright alone for a second?"

    Grimacing at the reminder of that, he waved his hand towards the man. "Yes, yes, I'll be fine. I'm in a tiny room with next to nothing in it. What could go wrong?"

    Chuckling, Isao shook his head and stalked off to find the restrooms. He really needed a change of clothes too, and probably a shower. If Fenrir wasn't able to come back to the school today, he'd probably have to pop home just to clean up. Maybe he could bring the boy some real food to make up for it - that was only if it happened, of course.

    Watching the doctor stroll into the room with a nurse behind her, the boy groaned and held his up his... stump. Damn did it weird feel to think of it like that. "Let's just get this over with.."

    After finally relieving himself, Isao headed back to the hospital room, hoping that the doctor would have cleared Fenrir by now. He came up to the door and knocked on it to be polite.

    Opening the door on her way out, the doctor nodded to him. "The area of the sever seems to be healing quite nicely, and will only have minor scarring if any at all. He should be good to leave once he's signed off and checked out at the front desk."

    Isao nodded, "Thank you, Doctor. I'll head over there now." He poked his head in the door, "Hey, I'm just gonna check you out at the desk, then we'll go, alright?" He was damn happy to be able to leave this place. Maybe they could stop at his apartment on the way back so he could shower.

    Throwing his arm up, he let loose a pleased shout. "Oh thank FUCK. I've been ready to leave since the first day, and I wasn't even conscious for it for the most part."

    Laughing at the kid's reaction, Isao gave a quick wave, "I'll be back, If you've got anything around here you wanna bring, grab it now." He turned and heading towards the front desk. After signing some papers and checking Fenrir out, he headed back to the room, opening the door without knocking this time. "Alright kid, you ready?"

    Taking a quick moment to double check he had everything, he nodded and dashed over to the door. He was so ready to ditch this place. "Yep, I'm ready, now let's go."

    He shook his head, glad Fenrir was excited. "You mind if we make a pit stop, short stuff? I need a shower and change of clothes. Your welcome to clean up there too." He opened the door, stepping aside to let the younger boy exit first.

    "Yeah sure, that's fine." He'd caught the height jab, but was in too good a mood to deal with it at the moment. He could actually walk around now, and it was great. Bed rest was always the worst.

    Letting out a relieved breath, Isao led the way out of the hospital. It took him a moment to locate his car - It had been a good day or two since he'd been outside, after all - but they were soon on their way to his apartment. He turned on the radio as he drove, something he'd always liked to do. After parking, he glanced at Fenrir, "Alright, we'll be quick." He assured, opening his door and motioning for Fenrir to follow him.

    Nodding, the boy followed curiously behind the adult. He refrained from touching anything by fiddling with the chain from his neck- which thank god for having them back on, even if the balance was off from the lack of the third chain.

    He led the student upstairs, and unlocked the door to his apartment. Other than his Mother who had been visiting a few days ago, nobody had seen it, and he cleared his throat in embarrassment. Swinging the door open, he stepped aside again. "You can hop in the shower first. My clothes will be enormous on you, but if you want a fresh set I'll grab you some."

    He was startled by that. Sure, the man had offered earlier, but he hadn't thought he was being serious. Fenrir wasn't about to turn down the chance to be clean after being confined to a bed, however. "Uh sure. Th-thanks."

    Nodding, Isao led the boy down a hallway and into a bedroom. "The bathrooms attached, just there-" He motioned, "I'll leave some clothes outside the door for you."

    Muttering a small "Kay," he waited no time in getting in and getting himself clean. He was then stumped for a moment, before deciding on his usual method of drying by shaking off. Once dressed he wandered back out with the absent thought of Yes, I drown in these.. but damn, it's actually kinda comfy.'

    As soon as Fenrir was done in the bathroom, Isao walked in - and nearly faceplanted. There was water everywhere... Sighing, he shook his head and grabbed a towel, throwing it on the floor to soak up the wetness. After cleaning himself up and getting dressed himself, he met back up with the kid, muffling a chuckle with his fist at how big his clothes were on the poor boy. The dad sweater was especially adorable. "Ready to go?"

    He'd been idly rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, waiting when the older reappeared. Stopping, he strolled forward with a nod. "Yeah."

    "Good," Isao led him out of the apartment and back to the parking lot. Once in the car he turned to the boy, offering him a smile. "Ready to go back?"

    Sighing, he shrugged one shoulder. "Ready as I'll ever be, I guess. At least it's better than staying in the hospital any longer."

    He hummed in agreement, starting the car. "That's a very good point. Anything is better than those chairs." He shuddered, and shifted into drive, smoothly pulling the car out onto the road, and in the direction of the school.

    "Again, you could have gone to the bed."

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    Isao was sitting in the waiting room, head in his hands as he waited. Fenrir had been in surgery for 3 hours. He knew they were trying to save the limb, but he was also pretty sure they wouldn't be able to. He just hoped he hadn't lost too much blood. There was only so much a quirk could do, after all. He dragged his hands through his hair, closing his eyes and trying to push away the guilt and anger. It seemed as though every time he finally got close with someone, the universe wanted to take them away. His mind wandered back to the day he'd turned from heroics to villainy, and pain raked through his chest. No. This was nothing like that. Fenrir would be fine, even if he ended up a limb down. "Mr. Hirata?" Isao's head snapped up, "Mr. Campbell is out of surgery, he's in the recovery ward right now. I'm afraid we were unable to save the limb, although we did everything we could." The doctor gave him a sympathetic look. "The boy’s parents were informed, and will be here in the next few days. Normally, I'm not supposed to allow non-familial visitors beyond visiting hours, but I don't think it would be good for the boy to wake up alone. Would you like to see him?" Isao was on his feet in a millisecond. "Yes, please." He said breathlessly, following the doctor down the hall.

    Waking up was a layered process for Fenrir. First thing that hit him was hearing, which really only gave him a small clue as to where he was. He could hear a beeping off to the side somewhere, but couldn't quite put his finger on just what it was. That issue was solved a few moments later however, as his sight came back as he opened his eyes, realizing they'd been closed still. Dragging his gaze to where the sound was, he realized it was one of those heart rate machines he'd seen on medical shows and such. 'Ah.. hospital then. Explains all the white.' Wrinkling his nose as the smell hit him, he added an afterthought. 'And there's the sterile smell I'd heard about...' As his sense of touch slowly came back, he could tell something was wrong. Granted, just being in a hospital bed had clued him into that, but now it was almost like something was... missing. Sighing, not quite up for sitting up yet, he let his thoughts wander, trying to recall what had led up to this moment.

    Isao was nearly asleep, his forehead resting on the side of Fenrir's hospital bed, when he heard the previously steady beep of the heart monitor pick up slightly. His head shot up, hair ruffled from sleep and rubbed a hand across his face. He'd gone home to shower and change the previous night - although it had taken a long time to tear himself away from the chair next to Fen's bed - and was now in his favorite dad sweater. His eyes widened as he saw Fenrir move slightly. He kept quiet, not wanting to startle the boy, but his heart was beating fast. He was elated that the student was awake, he'd been so scared that he wouldn't wake up, especially when the doctor had mentioned a slight fever.

    After lying there for a moment, thinking, he let his gaze sweep the entire room this time. His eyes widened a slight fraction when he noticed Isao sitting at his side. He hadn't been expecting anyone to be in the room, much less his guidance counselor. He made as though to shift into a sitting position, but quickly abandoned that path as a wave of dizziness washed over him. Instead, he just moved his head to better face the man. "Mr. Hirata? Why... why are you here? What happened?"

    Blinking away the glossiness in his eyes, Isao's heart sunk. He didn't remember. Clearing his throat, he gave Fenrir a shaky smile. "Hey, kid, welcome back. You don't remember what happened?" He scooched his chair a little closer, motioning to the button that moved the bed into a sitting position so Fenrir would know he was going to press it.

    He gave Isao a small, tired smile in thanks for moving the bed for him. That took care of one problem, at least. He then let out a sigh and shook his head at the question. "I mean, some of it? I know that it hurt, but... I can't remember why it hurt.."

    Swallowing hard, Isao avoided the students eyes. He didn't know how to break this to him, and what if Fenrir blamed him? Really, in a way, this was partially his fault. Maybe if he'd went looking when he'd heard the first howl, or maybe if he'd just been faster about it all...  He didn't know how to deal with the idea of Fen hating him. He'd gotten attached to the kid much too quickly. It had been irrational of him. Taking a deep breath, he started to explain, "You were hurt in the woods, Fenrir. I found you with your quirk activated. Your leg was stuck in a bear trap..." He cleared his throat, eyes burning again, and he only barely managed to choke out, "I'm so sorry, kid, I should have been faster... they did everything they could." He dropped his head into his hands, not wanting to see the boys reaction.

    After letting that soak in, it took him a moment to truly process the words. Mr. Hirata made it sound like... no. No, there was no way it'd been that bad. Sure, he could remember the event now, and sure, his arm had been pretty bad between the tugging and gnawing, but it wasn't that bad, right? His breathing picking up pace, he quickly tore the blanket back from where it was settled around his shoulders, and lifted his left arm as high as he could. For a few moments, all he could do was stare, a terrible sense of dread starting to brew in the pit of his stomach. His eyes had widened at the sight, not quite believing that this was his arm. It just wasn't connecting. There was no way he had less than half an arm left, right? A high, distressed keening noise escaped him as he turned his gaze to Isao, fear clear in his gold eyes. "Th-that's not... there's... th-this isn't real, right? Ther-there's no way that's m-my arm, right?"

    Barely able to raise his head to meet Fenrir's eyes, all Isao could do was shake his head apologetically. "I... I'm so sorry. I wish I could have done better, I should have, Fenrir. This is all my fault." He managed to choke out, "This never should have happened to you, you’re so young... You still have so much to do..." His throat felt raw, like it was closing in on itself. He could hardly bare the tortured look on the student’s face, even if his own mirrored it. How could this happen? He wanted so badly to wrap the boy in a hug and sooth his pain, make him feel okay again, but he didn't know what his reaction would be to such an action, so he tightened his hands into fists and pressed them to his thighs.

    As soon as he realized that yes, this was real and yes, that was indeed all that remained of his arm, his breathing hitched, and a strangled sob left him. God, this was so messed up. It had been such a good day, and he was so happy... but then this had to happen. More sobs broke free at the thoughts, even though he tried to stop them. This shouldn't be happening.. why is this happening? Even though he knew it to be true, he still couldn't quite comprehend it. "N-no. No, no , no, this has to be some twisted nightmare.. Th-that's it. It's just a nightmare, that's all. I-it's not real, there's no way, IT'S NOT REAL." As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the boy curled as far into himself as he could, form shaking with the force of the sobs breaking from him. 'It's n-not real.. it's j-just a nightmare..'

    Isao's heart - and control - shattered the moment the boy started to speak, and watching him sob was too much for him. Without thinking, he moved forward, wrapping his arms around the kid, pressing his trembling body into his chest, trying to comfort him without knowing how. He repositioned them so that Isao was sitting on the bed, holding the student while he wept. He pressed his cheek to the boy’s hair, a fatherly sort of pain making his own shoulders shake. How could he have let this happen? Both of them had been so happy this morning, so carefree. He was the adult. He should have made sure Fenrir hadn't wandered into the forest. He should have been faster and taken better care of him and not let him wander off alone. Tears streaming freely now, he buried his face in Fenrir's hair, repeating over and over how sorry he was.

    Being pulled close against Isao just made the force of his sobs stronger. A high pitched whine was coming from him now, a sound he hadn't made in... in years. He's knows it's something he'd do as a child when craving comfort, like a wolf pup seeking the comfort of its parents. He turned so that his face was buried in the crook between Isao's neck and shoulder, repetitions of his own making their way into the room. "N-no, it's a nightmare... it has to be. I can still feel my arm there, I w-wouldn't if it was real, right? Why can I still feel it?!" He moved his fr- ...his only hand.. so that he was gripping at Isao's sweater. "W-why is this happening? Why?"

    Feeling Fenrir press his face into the crook of Isao's neck and feeling his small hand clutch at his sweater made Isao's arms tighten around the boy, rocking them gently as he tried to figure out how to put the pieces back together. His mind was a mess and all he could think to do was press the student closer to him, fingers curling in the fabric of his shirt to hold him there, cradling him in his arms. He took a breath of the boy’s scent, reminding himself that at least he was alive. "I'm so sorry, Fen, I'm so sorry. Oh God." He whispered, weeping freely into the boys neck now. "This is all my fault, I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me, please." He shook his head, holding onto the kid for dear life. If he had only invited him to tag along to the office with him, or told him to stay inside the school... This really was all his fault.

    He gave a sharp flinch at the words, leaning back to look at Isao, frantically shaking his head in denial. "N-no, it's not your fault! I d-don't hate you, you did nothing wrong," he tightened his grip here, desperate to get that opinion across. The man had no fault, he'd been in his office. Fenrir was just glad that Isao had come to help him at all. The older could have not recognized it as him, and left him there to bleed out just as easily. "Y-you weren't out with me, i-it's not your fault." He had to get that out there once more before his next words. He needed Isao to know this. "I-if anything, it's my own fault. I s-should have watched whe-where I stepped. I-I was being stupid, it's f-fine, it was all me."

    Isao's eyes widened, staring at the young students tear streaked face. Anger boiled in him at the boy’s words, and he shook his head sharply. "Don't you ever say that. You shouldn't have had to watch where you stepped Fen. None of this was your fault." He took in a rattling breath, "But me, I'm the adult. I should have made sure you stayed on school grounds. I should have made sure you were safe... And I should have been faster." His breath hitched, and he leaned forward to rest his forehead on Fenrir's shoulder. "I heard you howl the first time, but I didn't go looking. I should have gone. I should have known it was you. I should have helped and I should have ran when I was carrying you, even if it hurt. I could have done more and I didn't. This is on me." He whispered the last part, closing his eyes, letting the self-loathing flood him. "I'm so, so sorry, kid."

    He let out another keening noise, leaning his head down where it was almost leaning against Isao's. "I-I'm sorry. You don't need to be sorry, y-you did nothing wrong." Curling in closer, he had to pause to let a sob pass. "Y-You've never heard me howl, you wouldn't know.. It's not your fault. Please.. please stop saying it is, it's not. You're fine, it's not your fault." Moving his right arm from where it was, he instead wrapped it around the older man and gripped the back of his sweater, tears still making a steady trail down his face. "It's not you... it's not..."

    Resting one hand gently on the back of Fenrir's head, Isao willed himself to believe the boy. It at least eased his guilt - if only just a bit - to know that he didn't blame him. He pressed his forehead close to his hand, and tried to stop his shoulders from shaking. It had been so long since his emotions had escaped him like this, and he wasn't sure how to stop it, so he settled for letting the presence of the younger male comfort him. "It's not you either, Fen, you have no reason, none at all, to be sorry... You couldn't have known." Taking a shuddering breath, he murmured, "Neither of us could have."

    He made a vague noise of acknowledgment. He couldn't quite agree with the man right now. Maybe some day in the future... but not yet. Tightening his grip, he pulled himself as close as he could manage, not willing to give up the comfort he provided just yet. He fought to try and keep the few sobs he had left at bay before speaking. "...The day turned to real shit, huh?"

    Letting out a strangled laugh, Isao massaged the boys scalp with his fingers, feeling the smaller body press itself closer. To be honest, he didn't want to let go and let things get awkward either. He could tell they both still needed the comfort. "You could say that." He said, voice still trembling slightly. He leaned back on the bed, fishing around for the hospital blanket before doing his best to shake it out over Fenrir. Resting his chin on the boys head, he let his eyes fall closed. "You still need to rest. If you want me to leave just let me know." He didn't want to make the student uncomfortable, or make him feel like he was going to try something - that was the opposite of what he was trying to do here.

    Those words got an immediate reaction from the kid. He curled closer, tightened his grip, and gave a small whine. He didn't want the man to leave. He was well aware that he needed the comfort, and out of everyone in this hospital, he trusted Isao the most to be able to provide it. The man was already doing a stand up job of it by just staying close. "Ah, n-no... I'd rather you stay..." 'At least until I'm too out of it to notice you leaving..'

    Relief washed over Isao at his reaction. He hadn't wanted to leave, sit outside, and worry about Fenrir. It was better to be close, so he knew the boy was alright. After another minute or two his breathing had finally evened out, and his chest was rising and falling steadily again, moving both of them slightly with every breath. "I'll stay as long as you want me to, kid." He said quietly, tightening his arms momentarily in reassurance. Then, for clarity, he added, "As long as I'm allowed to leave to shower every now and then."

    Fenrir let out a relieved sigh. Good, this was good. He could have a source of comfort that actually understood now. He then gave a small, shaky laugh at the next words. "'Course. Wouldn't want you stinking up the room."

    Letting out a chuff, Isao gave the boy a gentle chop on the head. "I don't stink." He protested gruffly, before discreetly trying to sniff himself. He'd always been a hygienic person...

    That got a bit of a stronger laugh from him, despite the soft hit on his head. The other really didn't smell, but he needed the more positive mood that the teasing brought. "Sure you don't. At least, not yet."

    The older man scoffed. "Oh, sure. Just for that I'm not going to shower for a week. It's you who's going to have to smell me." He couldn't help but join in though, a rumbly laugh coming from his chest. He paused then, "Shit, I didn't even think to call the nurse. Your not in pain or anything, are you?"

    "Ah, that's gross dude." He stuck out his tongue a bit while pushing himself slightly away, making a show of hiding his nose in his shoulder. He looked back up though at the question, taking a moment to think. Sure there was a slight ache in his... stump, along with the whole still feeling his arm thing, but nothing he thought required a nurse, so he just shrugged. "No, I think I'm fine for now."

    Chuckling, Isao flicked the boys forehead, before tugging him closer again, not quite ready to let the kid go yet. He wondered if the student was lying about the pain - trying to be tough? - but nodded anyways. "If your sure. Just let me know if you need me to call someone. Elbow me in the ribs or something."

    He wrinkled his nose a bit at the forehead flick, but quickly let it go in favor of being close again. The red head looked back up at Isao and nodded. "Okay. You'll have to stay on my right side for that, though. I seem to have suddenly become all right." Okay so maybe now wasn't the best time to make a joke like that, but he was still coming to terms with this. If terribly timed jokes was the way, then that's what he'd use.

    Isao snorted, before laughing at the short boy's joke. "You deserve another flick for that one. That was just bad." He snickered, "To be fair though, your going to be able to pull of the best Halloween costumes."

    He nodded to the statement. "Those are some wise words there, my dude- er, sir. Store bought zombie costumes will weep at the pure awesomeness I will be able to achieve." He snorted at the end of his words. He was glad at least that Isao wasn't trying to curb him away from joking about the situation.

    Isao chuckled quietly, "I think we're past Sir at this point. Isao is fine, if your comfortable with it. Or 'my dude'." He shook his head at the student's words. "And yes, yes they will. Just think about it, before you didn't need anything to go as a midget. Now you can go as a midget amputee without even putting on a costume."

    He ducked his head at that, a slight blush dusting his pale face. Thank god for that. As much as he respected him, it felt a bit weird to still call him 'sir', considering what they had just suffered. But then, the midget comment caught his attention, causing the boy to pull away again so he could look the man right in the eye. "Now hold on, I am not, a midget! I can grudgingly admit to short, fine, whatever. But I am not a midget. You, are simply just a giant."

    A slow grin stretched across Isao's face, and he lifted an eyebrow at the kid. "5'1 is short for a girl, Wolf-Boy, you're just a midget." He snickered, glad the mood had lightened considerably from earlier. It had been a rough day, and they both needed a break from the sudden heaviness. "And I'm not a giant, 6'2 is perfectly reasonable." He added to his earlier statement, making a face at the boy.

    He made a face right back before letting himself fall forward. "Well excuse my gene pool. At least I make up for it anytime my quirk is active," he mumbled. He then gave Isao a playful swat as he shifted a bit. "You are definitely a giant. You and Nar both. No one should be allowed to be that tall."

    Isao laughed, readjusting his arms around the kid as he shifted. "You do make up for it, I nearly pissed myself when I found you in the woods. I know you said you were giant, but I definitely wasn't expecting that." He sighed, and then shook his head, "If you think I'm a giant, you should have met my father... He could make a grown man cower."

    He treated the man to a grin. "Nice to know I'm intimidating even while chewing through a leg." And it was. He could rest assure that he'd probably still be intimidating even down a leg. He then had to stop himself from screeching, resulting in a strangled yell instead. "Damn, just how tall is he?!"

    He hummed in thought, not entirely sure how to answer. "I honestly don't know, I should ask him, but I haven't spoken to him in awhile... He's not entirely happy with me at the moment. I'd say at least 6'5 though, if not taller."

    "6'5?! No! This is not okay, no one needs to be that tall!" He huffed, crossing his arm over his chest and puffing out his cheeks in a very childish display. "That's just unfair, man.."

    Grinning at the boy, Isao reached down and ruffled his hair a little harder than necessary, purposefully making his head bob. "Maybe. If it makes you feel better, my mother is only 5'4." He chuckled, "You would like her. She's a good woman. Loud, and a little bossy, but good."

    He raised his hand to lightly swat at Isao's, blowing some of the now messier strands out of his face. He thought a moment before nodding. "I'm sure I probably would. Speaking of your mom, is that who called earlier where you had to dash out of the cafeteria?"

    Isao's face went tomato red instantly, and he glanced away, clearing his throat and tucking the boy's head back to his chest so he wouldn't see how flustered the question made him. "Er... Yes. She's actually Russian, if you can believe that, and she's your typical Russian mother. She can be... difficult, sometimes." He muttered. He loved his mother, but oh man that woman could scare the living daylights out of him.

    He let slip a sort of confused 'mrr' sound as his head was brought back to the man's chest so suddenly, but didn't make to move, instead stilling to listen to what Isao had to say about her. "Russian, huh? I guess you might not from around here either, then?"

    Sighing, Isao nodded. "My Father is Japanese, but he traveled a lot when he was young. He met my mother in her home town, married her, and then they had me. We stayed for a few years, but my Father wanted to come back home, so we moved. Mom wasn't very happy, but she got used to it here." Pausing for a moment, he added, "It's odd, you know, you'd think their heights would be reversed, considering." He chuckled, giving a small shrug and moving his hand from the boys head so he could look up if he wanted.

    He joined with his own laughter at that. "Yeah, normally you would. They're just special oddities though," the kinda like me went unsaid. Sure, it may not be height wise with him, but he still was one among the generations of related quirks in his family.

    Unable to stop himself from smiling fondly at that, he hummed in agreement. He missed his family a lot of the time, and often wished things weren't so strained between him and his Father. "What about you, kid? What's your family like?"

    He hummed in fondness as he thought about his own parents. "My parents are Scottish, though we lived in a small Norse village. They actually got my name from one of the myths," he gave a mental shudder at that. Yeah, he loved his name, but it was a tad hard knowing it was shared by the wolf destined to kill Odin and bite off Tyr's hand. And oh boy, did that bring up some memories he'd rather forget. "Their quirks are nothing like mine though. I think I'm the only one in the family with an animal related quirk."

    Isao raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Really? That's rather odd. My mother has a transformation quirk - although she can only transform parts of her body at a time, and my Father's Quirk allows him to boost other peoples quirks, so I've always just assumed I got a lucky combination." He shifted a little, making himself more comfortable. "Scottish though, that must have been a fun childhood. Were you close with people in the village?"

    He cringed a bit at the question. Sure, if the village wanting to run you down counted as close. "Yea, I suppose. As for closeness... ah, no, not really. Me and them had...different views, I guess you could say." All but one, but she was too painful to speak of.

    Eyebrows furrowing at the boy's reaction to the question, he did the same thing he had earlier, tightening his arms reassuringly for a moment. "I can understand that. You're at least still close with your parents though?" He didn't want to push too far, but he had to admit he was curious now.

    Thankful for the quick subject change, he nodded. "Oh yeah. The whole reason we came here in the first place is because they wanted to try and find a way to help me avoid accidental shifting." He couldn't stop the grin growing as he thought of them. "Somehow, no matter what kinds of wrongs I did, they never gave up. I love them greatly for that."

    Glad to hear that, Isao smiled. "Good, then you'll be happy to hear that they should be here tomorrow or the next day, I think." He frowned then. He had no idea what he was going to say to the boy's parents. They were going to want to know what happened, obviously, so how was he going to tell them that he had let him wander out into the forest, where he had been too slow to stop him from getting hurt, and then doing serious damage? He rested his chin on the kid's head, thinking.

    He did visibly brighten at that. As great as Isao was, and as nice as it was to just hang around with him like this, it'd been a while since Fen had seen his parents. He was actually kinda excited for them to meet Isao. He thought that maybe the three adults would get along easily. Turning his upwards at the pressure of Isao's chin on top of his head, he made a curious noise. "What ya thinking so hard about, Isao?"

    Twisting his mouth, Isao debated whether or not to tell him. He didn't want to bring the mood down, or go back to who was to blame. Deciding it was best not to keep things from him at this point, he sighed. "I just... I'm not sure what I'm going to tell your parents. They're going to want to know what happened, and why you were in the forest alone." No matter what way he thought about it, he doubted they were going to like the answer, unless he lied, which he refused to do.

    Taking on a more serious, but somewhat thoughtful tone himself, he decided to give his thoughts on the matter. "The whole being alone in the forest thing? They won't question that, really. I've been doing that for a long time. It's more so the arm, er, the lack of one rather, that they'll question. Hmm, how to explain that part..."

    Isao was surprised - although somewhat glad - that Fenrir's parents wouldn't question the whole 'alone in the forest' thing, but he supposed it made sense considering what the boy's quirk was. "I don't think we can get around telling them about the bear trap, nor would I want to... It might be better just to tell them the truth, that it was an accident." He shrugged his shoulders lightly, trying not to jostle the student if he was thinking.

    "Mmm, probably." The more he thought on it, the more he realized just how hard this would be. Sure, he'd gotten hurt plenty of times before when he was younger, was never on this level, never this permanent. Even the scar on his face didn't have near as many repercussions as this would. Gods above, he'd have to relearn things now, figure how to do them one handed... He was now realizing just how much this would actually affect him, and he couldn't help but frown at where his face was still pressed against Isao.

    Sensing the redhead's distress, Isao gently began to massage his scalp again. "It'll be alright, kid. We'll figure it out together, okay?" He wasn't sure if he was stressing about what to tell his parents, or something else, but either way he didn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. The younger male was pretty much stuck with him for now.

    Leaning further into the contact, hummed. "Yeah.. okay. That's easier than alone, I suppose." He had no views that'd be easy even with both of them, but he was glad to have the help regardless.

    Bending the arm that wasn't petting Fenrir behind his head, Isao nodded. "Easier than alone." He agreed, and then glanced around for a clock. "I have no idea what time it is, are you tired or is there something else you want to talk about?" He didn't want to keep Fenrir up if he was tired and needed to rest.

    Honestly there was a lot he wanted to talk about. He had so many worries building up, he wasn't quite sure what to do with them. They could wait though. He could always just go to Isao anytime he needed to at school. That in mind, he allowed himself a small yawn. "I guess I am a bit tired now. Waking from blood loss and then panicking really takes it out of you, apparently."

    Unable to stop himself from chuckling, Isao continued the scalp massage. "I can imagine it does. I'm sorry today was like this." He paused. "Do you want me to be here when you wake up?" He felt as though there was still more on the student's mind, but he wouldn't force him to talk. He'd come to him when he was ready.

    At this point he'd pretty much gone boneless with content from the massage to his scalp. He'd always found this action relaxing... He looked up the question, then glanced away, a light pink dusting his face again in embarrassment. "It sounds kinda childish, but... Please?"

    Isao couldn't help the grin. He tugged gently on a strand of red hair before returning his fingers to the boy's scalp. "Of course, kid, I did say I would stay as long as you wanted me to." Muffling a yawn, he leaned back and closed his eyes, determined to at least stay awake until the other male was asleep. When he was young he hated being the last one awake. "G'night, Fenrir. Just shake me awake if you need me, okay? It doesn't matter what for or how small the reason is." He cracked open an eye to make sure the boy was listening.

    He nodded, drowsiness hitting him full force now that he was so relaxed and actually acknowledging it. With another small yawn he muttered a quiet, "Mhmm... Kay.." before drifting into a doze.

    As soon as Isao felt the kids breathing even out, he let himself doze, slowly slipping off into slumber.
Intense Bonding - Part 2
Also a warning for blood loss mention

Part 3

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    After parting with the teachers, Fenrir had decided to head into the forest. Their was an itch starting under his skin, letting him know he needed to shift soon, or risk snapping at someone. Making sure he was far enough away from the school to avoid attacking anyone, he took a deep breath and allowed the shift to take place. As soon as it was done, he picked a random direction and trotted off to explore.

    Isao finally sunk into his office chair, breathing In the smell of new leather. The room seemed old and a little musty, but cozy enough. He glanced at the shelves of books and decided to peruse them. Maybe they were the old guidance counselors? They all looked old, but those were the sort of books he prefered.

    He was in the middle of sniffing around a few trees, investigating a scent trail he'd picked up. He wasn't really looking to hunt it, seeing as he'd just consumed a ridiculous amount of steaks. No, he was more so curious as to what he'd find at the end of trail. Continuing onward, the smell of metal started to slip in. He stopped at this, confused. He considered for a moment that maybe it was his chains, but quickly crossed it out. If that were it, he'd of been smelling them the entire time, not just now. Fenrir tilted his ears back, a confused and wary light coming into his eyes as he decided to follow the metal instead, wanting to make sure it wasn't something that'd make his job of up-keeping the school's nature any harder.

    Stretching his feet out and plopping them on the desk, Isao flipped open an old horror novel. He licked his thumb and turned the page, settling in. His stomach was full and the office was pleasantly warm, so he ran his fingers through the fur on his cape and relaxed.

    As he was searching for the source of the metallic smell, he felt a sudden sharp pain in his left front leg, a loud snap sound following it. It took him a moment to process, where he stood there in shock. 'Well. Found it...' The moment that thought was finished, the shock passed slightly, and he let out a loud yelp of pain, the sound amplified due to how large he was. He fell to the ground and writhed for a moment before calming just enough to actually look at what was going on. He was not expecting to be greeted with the sight of a large, metal bear trap clamped around his foreleg, about in the middle space between his elbow and wrist. He gave a short how of outrage at the sheer fact that someone had the nerve to place it here in the first place before he started trying to pry it off.

    Hearing a faint sound, Isao lowered his book. What the hell? He sat still for a moment before standing, placing his book face down on the desk and making his way to the window. He pulled a slat in the blinds down, peering out at the forest. Huh. Well, if he heard another sound like that he'd go and look. He didn't want the wildlife hurt or anything.

    By this point, Fenrir was starting to panic. He bit at it, dragged it against the ground, pushed at it with his other paws, but it wasn't coming off,why isn'titcomingoff. He let out another howl, panic lacing this one just as much as his frustration. He tried to pull it off twice more before giving in to the panic that was now deep set. He brought his teeth to his trapped leg and started gnawing at the area just above the metal trap, running off what his instincts were screaming at him. Rational thought had left him, leaving his mind a jumble of, 'Why won't it come off, it needs to be off! Bite, tear, scratchbite I need it offneeditoffoffoff, GET IT OFF'

    He had just been heading back to his chair, ready to pick his book back up when he heard the noise again... a howl, maybe? Turning back to the window, Isao went back to it and pulled down the blinds again. He still couldn't see anything, but he should probably go check anyways. He knew plenty of the students here had quirks that involved animals, and he didn't want to find out that someone's pet had gotten hurt when he could have helped. Sighing in defeat, he turned and left the office, taking the quickest route he knew outside. Stalking across the school grounds, he entered the forest cautiously and immediately knew it might be awhile before he found the cause of the noise. Glancing around and trying to decide which direction to try first, Isao kept an ear open in case he heard the animal again.

    As he continued gnawing at his foreleg, a high pitched sound, somewhere between a growl and a whine, was coming from him. It hurt, what he had resorted to doing, but caught in the panic and pain from the trap, he couldn't rationalize anything more reasonable. If he lost an arm, fine, whatever. Hell, if this carried on much longer he may even just resort to bashing his head against a tree instead. He didn't care, so long as it made the pain stop.

    Hearing more noise, Isao frowned, his eyebrows furrowing. Whatever it was, it was definitely in pain. As he started into the forest, it became clear that it was a sort of whimpering sound. Canine, maybe? Isao pushed his legs to take him faster, jogging slightly as he ducked under branches and fought the underbrush.The whining was becoming incredibly loud. Soon, he found himself bursting into a space in between some trees - not quite a clearing, but a clear space of sorts -and his mouth fell open at the massive wolf on the ground. It looked frantic, chewing at its own leg like some rabid animal. It was enormous though. There was no way this thing was normal. Had someone used their quirk on it? Inching closer, he called out the the animal quietly, not wanting it to get scared and turn on him. "Hey there big guy, you alright?" He might have noticed the chains around the wolf's neck had he not been so distracted by the things size - and mutilated leg.

    As the voice reached him, Fenrir's ears pressed against his skull and he turned his gaze towards the source. He made an attempt to stand, but yelped and fell back to the ground. Giving up on that, he settled on snarling at the man, teeth bared and tail thumping behind him in agitation. The figure vaguely registered as being someone familiar to him, but with everything clouding his mind, he couldn't figure it out. He wasn't really in the mindset to pursue, either, so he settled on treating the man as a threat for now.

    Isao flinched as the wolf snarled at him. He lowered himself to the ground a little, trying to make himself less of a threat. Studying the wolf for the source of the injury, he managed to catch a glint of metal. A trap of some sort then? His eyes traveled from the leg upwards... to the chains around his neck. He froze in his tracks. "Fenrir...?" He whispered in horror, remembering the student's quirk. "Oh Fen, buddy, what happened?" He asked in a quiet voice.

    His growl trailed off into a confused whine for a moment. Fenrir? That.. that was him, right? 'Yes.' So, this man did know him. Ignoring the pain to chase that thought, he mentally nodded to himself. 'Y-yea. Earlier, saw him earlier. Isao? Yes.' Confirming his thoughts, the confused whine then turned to more pained ones as he tugged his injured leg, silently pleading the other to understand. The panic was building up again, and he still wasn't above gnawing his leg off, even with Isao standing right there. 'It'd take too long, I needitoffNOW.' Shaking his head at the panicked thoughts, he tugged again and gave Isao a quiet keen. 'Help...'

    As soon as he knew Fenrir had recognized him Isao rushed forward, closing the gap between the two of them. Dropping to his knees, his fingers hovered over Fenrir's mangled leg. It was swollen and pretty well shredded from the wolf's teeth. He was fairly certain the bone was broken as well. Swallowing hard he moved his attention to the bear trap, reaching a hand up further on the wolf's leg and petting it soothingly. "Okay big guy, I'm going to try and pry this thing open. Don't bite me, alright?" He gave Fenrir a nervous smile.

    He gave a whine in response, laying his head on the ground near his other leg, watching from the corner of his eye. He knew this would hurt, and figured keeping his head turned away would give Isao more time to move out of the way if Fenrir went to bite him. He liked the teacher, and really didn't want to brutally injure the guy who was freeing his leg so that he didn't end up having to completely bite through it.

    Taking a deep breath, Isao gripped the bear trap, slipping his fingers into any cracks he could. He felt terrible, he knew this must be incredibly painful for the big canine. Fingers straining and knuckles turning white, he shifted his stance and tried to pry the jaws of the trap apart. It barely gave a centimeter. Hissing in frustration, Isao ran a hand through his hair, forgetting that it was a little covered in Fenrir's blood at this point. "Okay, I'm going to use my quirk and give it a go, know anything strong enough to break this thing?" After realizing how stupid it was to ask at this point, he shook his head. "Nevermind, let me think for a moment bud, I'll try to be fast."

    The wolf gave a loud yelp as the trap was moved. Sure, it wasn't even moved much, but god damn it, it hurt. He let out a large, somewhat annoyed huff at Isao's questioning him. He was currently a giant dog Isao, he can't speak human. He let the man know just what he thought of the question by turning his head slightly and baring one of his canines at him.

    Nodding his head as he made a decision, Isao took a step back, activating his quirk. His body liquefied and crackled, reforming into a shorter, bulkier one. Huffing in his new form, he lumber forward on all fours, nostrils flaring as he positioned himself above the wolf's leg. Gripping the trap with bigger, stronger fingers, he grunted as he pulled hard. The trap gave easily, opening with a hiss and clack as the springs unlocked. The gorilla shuffled backwards quickly to make sure Fenrir didn't snap at him before reforming into his human body.

    As the teeth of the trap pulled out of his leg and locked back into ready position, the red wolf gave a loud, strangled yowl. Turning on instinct, he snapped at the space that was now empty of Isao as the wolf scrambled back, tripping and fumbling with his injured leg. Once at a distance he deemed far enough away, he curled into himself and frantically started to lick at the wound, whining as jolts of pain were sent out each time his tongue hit the mangled flesh.

    "No, no, no, don't do that Fen, that's not going to help anything." Isao said, stepping forward quickly, "I- would it be better if you returned to human form? I can call an ambulance, and I can carry you in that form. Or is that going to make it worse - do you want me to call a vet?." Now that the trap was off panic began to set in a little. Anger too, how could someone be stupid - or cruel - enough to put a bear trap out around here? He focused on the frustration at one of his kids being hurt, and pushed away the panic. "I'll call both, don't hurt yourself, alright kid?" He stepped a little closer, hesitantly touching his hand to the fur on the wolf's side while he fished for his phone. "Shit. Shit. I left my phone in my office." He let out another string of curses.

    He flinched slightly at Isao stepping forward so fast, but complied nonetheless. Leaning onto his side and giving his tail a small, tired thump, he let Isao keep his hand on his side for a few moments. The touch was comforting, and he was so tired... Realizing he'd let his eyes slip closed, he opened them again and turned one ear towards Isao as the man cursed leaving his phone behind. He hadn't exactly caught all of Isao's words, but he'd got enough that he could understand the importance of the phone right now. Phone meant the hospital and vet, and those meant help and an end to the pain.. So with a quiet groan, he let his quirk fade away, distressed noises leaving his throat as the pain rolled over him in new waves. It was a bit worse like this, but it made it easier on Isao getting help, so he'd just have to deal with it.

    Letting out a breath as he watched Fenrir's body return to its smaller, lighter form, Isao crouched next to the smaller student. "Alright wolf-boy, this is going to hurt like hell. I'm just going to carry you to the school, I'll leave you right outside and run in for my phone as fast as I can. Then we'll get you some help - try not to bite my neck, okay?" He used the most calming tone he could, gently slipping an arm behind Fenrir's back and under his knees. He grimaced at the sight of the boys mangled arm. It looked so much worse in human form.

    Locking his gaze on Isao, a glossed over look to the golden eyes, he made a quiet noise of acknowledgment. He was just too tired to move his head right now. He sighed, partially in pain and partially in content at having his arm free of that damned trap, and he let his eyes fall half closed as he mumbled to the man. "R-right... su-re..."

    Isao started back in the direction he came - at least he hoped it was this way - trying to be as gentle with the boy as possible, while still moving fast. It was a hard balance, and he hoped Fenrir was at least out of it enough for the pain to be numbed somewhat. It wasn't long before he was breaking through the treeline. Letting out a breath of relief, he stalked across the grounds quickly, before lowering Fenrir, propping him up against the stone wall of the school by a back entrance. "I'm going to be right back, okay kid?" He asked nervously, pushing some of the students red hair away from his forehead, trying to feel for a fever. Was it too soon for a fever to set in? He wasn't sure, and he really didn't want the wound to get infected. He was already concerned that the boy wasn't going to be able to keep the limb.

    While they moved, Fenrir just let his gaze drift before closing his eyes. The pain was still there, and he was pretty sure he was going into shock, but he honestly just couldn't find it in himself to care right now. He wasn't aware they'd even reached the school until he felt himself be set down, Isao's words vaguely getting through to him. He opened his eyes to glance at the man briefly before sliding his gaze forward to just blankly stare at whatever was in front of him, not completely processing anything that was going on.

    Panic creeping back in, Isao took a deep breath to steady himself. He was going to be fine. Opening the door, Isao took off at a sprint, running down the hallway and up the stairs so fast he was pretty sure he would've broken his record had he had one. Adrenaline pumping, he nearly bowled over a few students before slamming open the door to his office. He heard a slight crack when it hit the wall, but ignored it. He'd fix the damn wall later. One of his kids needed him. Grabbing his phone from the desk, he started dialing whilst he sprinted back. He explained the situation on the way back, and continued it as he burst back onto the school lawn. Seeing how pale Fenrir was he swallowed hard, responding to the authorities in a shaky voice. He kept them on the phone as he gently lifted the student back to his chest. He was pretty sure Fenrir was unconcious now, so he took the chance and ran towards the front of the school. He'd meet the ambulances there.

    While not quite unconscious, the boy was close. His vision was mostly dark at this point, only a few blurry spots still remaining. He'd stopped being to feel his arm while Isao had been inside, and had he been in his right mind, he'd be pretty sure that shock had pretty much fully set in by now. He knew that he was being moved again, if little bit of vision left becoming blurrier was anything to go by, but he just couldn't connect the dots on how he was moving again. He wasn't moving himself, right? Isao was still inside last he knew, so it couldn't be him, could it? Too drained to figure it out, Fenrir just let himself fully slide into the unconsciousness that was pulling heavy at his eyelids.

    He had to wait eight minutes for the ambulances. Eight minutes. By the time they arrived, Fenrir was leaned against a tree by the parking lot, body limp, and Isao was pacing like a caged lion. This was their job. They should damn well be good at it, the bastards. It shouldn't take them eight minutes to come and help his kid. Concerned students watched from the school entrance. Turning as he heard a vehicle approaching, Isao waved vigorously as they came flying into the parking lot. Relief washed over him and he moved quickly, lifting Fenrir in his arms again and passing him off to the paramedics, one of which immediately began using their quirk on him. He had no idea what was happening now, but he stayed right beside him the whole time. When they loaded him into the ambulance Isao sat next to the stretcher, gently petting the boys hair. He's going to be fine. He promised himself, wishing he had been faster getting Fenrir out of the trap and over to the school. His eyes burned with unshed tears as the vehicle started to move.

    Fenrir remained unconscious for the most part, coming out of it long enough to give a quiet groan and turn his head towards whatever was petting his hair. Pets were normally a no go, but it was kinda nice right now.. It was a good touch, he decided. 'This... it can stay... for now...' With that thought, he fell back into the darkness, unaware of where he was anymore.
Intense Bonding - Part 1
So yea. Got so long, I needed to post it in three parts.

Part 2
Part 3

For :icondark-matter-rp:
DM - Heather Murphy
Name: Heather Murphy
Hero or Villian: Villain
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown

Background of character:
    Heather grew up with a pleasant family consisting of four people: Her, her parents, and her brother. They lived in a neighborhood that was known to be a home to villains. She decided to pursue that path further, which is what brought her to the school.

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Reading

Likes: Looking nice, Camping, Candles
Dislikes: Large bodies of water, Boring conversation topics, Rain

Personality in detail:
+ Ambitious, Creative, Hard Working, Playful, Patient
- Manipulative, Rebellious, Stubborn, Devious, Cynical
Quirk info: "Flame Body" - Emitter Type
        She can set herself on fire, and can will things she touches to catch on fire due to the oils from her skin being similar to lighter fluid.
            - She is strongest against flammable quirks, but can't hold up well against water and wind quirks
            - Pretty much useless in the rain

                - When startled or angry, she'll emit tiny bursts of flame

Stats: 0/20
Strength: 3
Intelligence: 4
Strategy: 3
Teamwork: 2
Power: 4
Control: 4



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So, for any fans of Boku No Hero, y'a;; should check out this rad RP group :icondark-matter-rp:. It takes place about 50 years after the show, and you can create up to two chars. They can be heroes, villains, or staff. There's a pretty diverse bunch of quirks, and the members are super chill and cool.


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My favorite animals are probably foxes, dragons, and cats.

I'm currently working on stuff for art shows going on this month and cosplay for a convention in August.


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